22 May 2011

Unusual Sunday morning!

It was not our usual Sunday morning chaos and I think that must have confused a a certain little someone! The morning began quietly, unrushed, calm, peaceful, no one rushing to and fro, and with quiet music being played in the background. Not always the norm, sadly for our
Sabbath mornings. Our littlest daughter came running downstairs all in a panic and said to daddy in a worried voice:

"Daddy, aren't we going to church today?" (Church was moved from 9:30 to 1 pm unbeknownst to her.)

"Yes, we are going to church today."

"THEN WHY ISN'T EVERYBODY IN A HURRY AND RUNNING AROUND EVERYWHERE? Did you guys start the mad rush without me?"

I have to thank her for opening my eyes! The "mad rush" as we call it is going to end! I would love to see Sunday mornings more enjoyable and relaxing. Something to work on!


Jennifer said...

This is great!!!

Cinnamon said...

Children....they see it like it is don't they. Thank you for reminding me too that everyday should be a blessing not just a to do list in the waiting.


Mountain Home Quilts said...

We have been trying to genuinely turn our sabbath into a day of rest. Church in the morning without the hustle and bustle all day.

Mom of 5 said...

I know what your talking about. Sundays are like that around here too, unless I don't take them to Sunday school. I need to get up earlier.

Anonymous said...

It's "funny" how children can often see things that we don't.

-L. Rose

dggp said...

Sounds familiar.