20 May 2011

Picture study, drawing, and copywork

I try to encourage the kids to draw from their imagination and to draw from what they see around them. Here are a few of their latest projects. One of the ways I love to encourage their study of fine art is to pick one drawing a week to 'copy' into their notebook. It usually replaces their 'copy work' assignment for that day. In this way they tend to look closer at the picture and as a result their 'study' of it seems to go more in depth. Here are some of our favorite books that help us along in our study of art. Another thing that helps us in our picture study is my notebook with 8x10 photos from Ambleside tucked away in sheet protectors. Office Max is happy to print them for .67! And on photo paper.

A spare board that Emma found lying around and decided to put it to good use. It is a permanent decoration now in our dining room.

I find that all I have to do is read a story to the kids and afterwards they automatically jump to the table to draw it out!!

What is seen across the street from where we live!

The Carl books are absolutely loved in our house. I have more Carl drawings than anything else stored safely away!

King Arthur from Discovery of the New Worlds

Here from one of our Come Look With Me books is one of the drawings Kenzie did for 'copywork'


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Ritsumei said...

This is very timely for me. I've been trying to figure out what exactly we're going to do with art appreciation. I love the copywork. =]

Jennifer said...

Nice. The kids did a great job.

Becca said...

Tricia -- I love this idea for picture study! I've never seen this idea anywhere before! Thanks for sharing!!!!!

dggp said...

Creative. Thanks for sharing your art ideas.