10 May 2011

A quick cast iron tip

If you own and use a Dutch Oven, chances are you know this. But if cast iron cooking is new to you or if you've forgotten how to care for your cast iron cookware then this is for you!! Personally, I value this information because my cast iron cookware products are my favorite items in my kitchen.

Cleaning your pots and pans.

After scraping out all food from your pan, use hot water and a plastic or natural fiber pad or brush to wash out the oven. NEVER, REPEAT, NEVER! pour cold water into a hot pan or you may cause permanent damage! Dry the entire oven and lid using paper o cloth towels, and then re-coat the entire pan and lid with a light coating of olive or vegetable oil. If you have an extremely greasy pan you can use a mild detergent to clean it. Be careful to use a mild detergent. Use one or maybe two drips in the pan and never more that that unless you plan on re-seasoning the pan. Be sure to rinse the oven several times to get all soap out. I recommend you NOT use detergent very often. Do not use a strong detergent or a hard wire brush in cleaning the pan unless, again, you plan on re-seasoning. Your pan will darken and the patina will improve with each use to turn your oven into the ultimate non-stick cookware! Therefore, avoid using anything inside your pan that might damage its seasoned patina!! Happy cooking!


Mrs. Stam said...

this post just makes me smile!!!!

Jeannetta said...

Thank you! I don't use mine often because I always thought it was much harder to manage :)

Mama Rachel said...

Oh, I love using my cast iron! Thanks for the reminder-- I'm not always as careful as I should be. *blush*