02 March 2011

Wonderful Wednesday~Thoughts of adventures

This beautiful piece of scenery is part of the Colorado landscape. Not far from where we were living before moving to our current state of residence.  Someday, soon, we hope to make Colorado our home again!  What makes this place so special to me?  On this day in the month of June several years ago we took our motorcycle up to this very spot.  It was our way of celebrating a blessing.  The knowledge that our 3rd child was on her way.  We have odd ways in which we celebrate events!!  Our goal was to take our motorcycle to the top of the mountain using the 4 wheel drive road that runs along the river.  However much to our disappointment we found that the most of the road was inaccessible because of heavy snow that had not yet melted.  To my great and fearful surprise my dear husband's determination was not deterred.  "We have a way to get all the way up, we'll just ride over the avalanche."  This avalanche had fallen at some point down the mountain and over the river leaving 'views' here and there of the gushing mountain river beneath us!!  Yes, I was on the thick snow that had settled itself over the top of the river.  Trembling in my boots and hanging madly onto the madman riding the two of us to the top of the mountain with only snow between us and water!  It was then that I knew my life with his man was always going to have an adventure thrown in here or there just to make life interesting.  This was only the beginning and I'm sure not nearly the end of the many wild and outrageous adventures we will share together.   He has a way of talking me into most anything and everything.  If you are new to my blog and haven't read about my biggest adventure with him yet then click HERE. to read about it.


Karen said...

Beautiful picture! I have never been to Colorado, but would love to visit some day!

All I can say is wow! You are a lot braver than I am. My Husband is more on the cautious side, and I guess we make a great match!


Heather said...

Your son is the very same! Loves adventure and can talk me into anything. No matter how scared i am. Great story mom!

momoflots said...

Very vey beautiful!!! I was born in Colorado. My parents left that state when I was just a baby - I have never been back although I long to see it someday!! You have increased that desire with your gorgeous photo!! My sweetheart has filled my life withadventure too - I know God put him in my life to stretch my timid heart lol!!


Jennifer said...

You are much braver than I am.

Anonymous said...


What a beautiful picture with wonderful memories, even if some of those memories were a bit on the "wild side." :)

Thank you for sharing this.

-Lady Rose

Nabila Grace said...

What a beautiful picture! We lived in Colorado but had to move back to where we were before living there. We miss it so much and hope to move back some day as well. Where did you all live?

Becca said...

Guuurl, that's SCARY! Glad you survived! :)

dggp said...

You're crazy girl. Couldn't get me on the back of that motorcycle.