07 February 2011

Celebrating a birth and a birthday 1600 miles from home!

We are home once again. (Arriving late Sunday evening) Here are some highlights of our trip to Colorado to welcome the birth of another baby and to celebrate another birthday!! Our daughter Juli is the mama of this lovely child and also the amazing photographer who took the first 5 photos of her little darling's very first photo shoot!! (Ambreigh Christina)

Son in law Kelly enjoying a moment with his Ambreigh

Juli and her little dumpling

My 5 girls squishing on a love seat

My two matching girls funning around with their niece Aubryn

Celebrating Juli's birthday February 1st. Just days after her delivery of Ambreigh. I know I've said it before but I'll say it again. Juli is a fabulous wife and mama. She is very spiritual and every time I spend time with her I always leave uplifted by her sweet spirit. Not to mention having learned a thing or two. She teaches her children of the Savior and they are indeed hungry to learn of Him thanks to the teachings they get from their mama. Did I say she manages to keep a perfectly clean and orderly home? We all love you tons Juli and hope your birthday was fabulous and not overwhelming with so many of your siblings hanging around. You are wonderful my dear girl.

Grandpa Vance loving his newest family member and our Mary taking a turn with niece Ambreigh.

We didn't have nearly the amount of snow in Colorado (below) as we did when we got back home to Wisconsin (above) The difference~Wisconsin snow will be here until April or May while Colorado's snow will disappear much sooner!


Michelle G said...

Oh such cute pictures!
I love the generational blessings....God is so good :)

Jennifer said...

What a great time!! Beautiful little girl-again!!

Kris said...

Congrats to your newest little family member, babies are such blessings! I live in CO and have to say that last year we got snow in April! Then came the flood rain! But the weather here in CO is so nice and your not all sweaty the minute you walk outside, like where I am from in NC...Blessings to your family!

Ruby said...

Great picutres.
The new addition is gorgeous! Love the name too.

The Munck Family said...

Congratulations again!!! What precious pictures! Glad you all made it back home safe and it looks as though you had a wonderful visit. How blessed you are, and if Juli is a good mama than it must be a reflection of you :)


Kim said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures! Happy Birthday to Julie! You must have done a great job mothering her, in order for her to be such a great mommy herself :0)

The Mayo Family said...

Dear Tricia,
Yes,welcome home!
Um...I will second Laura, Juli is a reflection of her sweet Momma!:)
I could as well see you in her at the table where she is looking up look at her expression..I see you there! How special!
What a sweet baby, she is beautiful!
Ahem...our weather? I am growing weary of it to be honest, the children who do all the shoveling around here for all the others on our street...are getting their fill of it this year!
Glad you are back safely!

The Mayo Family said...

I love the new-er comment page! I can always get on! YEA! What a blessing!
Soon, we must get together!
Have a 'wonderful, white, wintery,windy, Wisconsin,week'!

Juli said...

It should be illegal to have your pictures taken after you have a baby! yikes!

momoflots said...

What a beautiful grandbaby and your dear daughter looks wonderful after having baby!!! How special to have a mama who says such beautiful things about you and your family, Juli!! You are blessed!!!


Anonymous said...

Ahhh...I wanna 'nother one! So precious.

AND, finally to get back to you on your question about our seasoned potatoes.... Our favorite seasonings include a tablespoon or two of olive oil, some minced garlic, and just salt and pepper. I'm terribly sorry for not getting back to you sooner.

dggp said...

What a beautiful little baby. Juli, you sound awesome. Your mom has told me more than once how special you are as a daughter and I know she is very proud. Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all. She is precious.


Becca said...

I loved every single one of those pictures! What an amazing family you have!!

Aimie said...

Ambreigh is beautiful. I am in awe. All of your family is lovely.:)