04 February 2011

101 Reasons as to why I homeschool

Reason 87

"I don't know how you can homeschool all those kids, I only have 3 and I can hardly make it through summer break. Come September I am so ready to send them back and get them out of the house."

If I had a dime for every time I hear comments like this I would be the most monetarily richest woman in the world!! And usually the only I can say is, "Oh, how much you miss."

"We should understand that teaching our children is our delight, our joy, our opportunity. When we see spending time with them as a burden, rather than a joy, we see further evidence of how encultured we have become. Children, biblically speaking, are a blessing from God. And we ought to seek out time with blessings from God, not plot out ways to avoid them, or hand them over to others."~R.C.Sproul When You Rise Up

I feel one of the greatest blessings I have been given are the gifts of my children. Sure, we all have those days when life is tough. The kids are loud, contentious, moody, energetic, dirty, smelly, etc. But overall, count it all joy when you can spend your days with your little ones!!


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Mountain Home Quilts said...

I was just thinking of blogging about this very thing. I just told my husband last night, "Who would even WANT to send their kids to school? I want to be with my kids all day long- every day. I love having them with me!"

Anonymous said...


Lately, my husband and I have been discussing the subect of homeschooling, even though we don't have children at this time. The more we learn about homeschooling, the more we can't understand why one would choose the public school system in order to educate their children.

-Lady Rose

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OurLilFullFam said...

What makes me sad is when they say comments like that in front of their children!

I love that I can be so involved in my children's life.


Mama Rachel said...

I love it!!! I, too, am so sad about how much other moms miss out on their kids! :-(

dggp said...

Again, I totally agree.

Jennifer said...

Well said. I agree.