30 December 2010

Celebrating Robyn's birth

Robyn is our 4th child and 3rd. daughter.  She was born on the 29th. of December.  Robyn has a lively personality.  She is filled with a passion for life.  Robyn is adventurous, talented, determined, spiritual, and beautiful, inside and out.  She loves to dance more than anything else and does it well.  When she sits down at the piano to play, it seems all life comes to a halt while we take in her beautiful choices of music.  She is a wonderful sister, daughter, and friend.  I am overjoyed to have her as a daughter.

Robyn was our first homebirth and I remember it well.  My parents had been visiting for Christmas and hoping to be present for their new little grandchild.  My father definitely was NOT for homebirthing bu he managed to settle in in his own way.  Each day he made sure he accomplished two things.  1. He kept the driveway shoveled from the snow, 2. He made a trip to the local hospital each day trying to better his time!!  (just in case he said) Our midwife George was great.  She was totally out of the 60's, in her thinking, her style of living, and in her looks! She was just great. She dropped in one day just to check on me and meet my parents. After she left I turned to my parents sitting on the sofa and all I saw were stunned and staring faces on both of them! My mom couldn't help herself.  "Sheeeee, is going to deliver this baby? Then she looked at my hubby and asked, "Do hippies know how to deliver babies?" We assured them both that she was extremely competent and that they should have no worries! Her birth wasn't what I would call quick, but it was wonderful.  I think what stands out the most is right when we were beginning to deliver daddy simply left the room with no explanation whatsoever!  I remember thinking, "Where in the world is he going at a time like this?" I had too many things on my mind though to question so I carried on!  Moments later he returned about nearly just in time for her entry into the world.  Later, when things settled down I asked him about his peculiar behavior and he only said that he went to quick stoke the fire so the back bedroom would be as warm as possible once the baby came!  Well, that was a good idea considering we were in the middle of a cold, Colorado snowstorm!  The older three children welcomed her to our family with excitement!  Vance Jr., being the only boy at the time came into the room, looked longingly at the new baby and asked, "Mom, is it a boy?"  I told him no, you have another sister, what do you think?
He stared at her long and hard and all he said was, "Well, she looks like a boy, so I guess it's okay!"  We owe Robyn's name to him as he chose it.  He loves her as he does all his sisters. 

Happy Birthday Robyn, we all love you very, very much!!


Chris in FL--Joyful Mother said...

When I get a chance, I just love reading birth stories.

Your parents were funny... I know that home birthing for us was an awesome experience and our parents weren't to sure about the whole thing. To this day Donnie's mom still thinks something was wrong with our first homebirth baby because he looked a little blue and the midwives weren't running around to intervene. I told her..."he was fine...it's just that he is our darkest baby and that is how little dark babies come out sometimes...a little blue in color" I didn't worry much about it but she was. When we continued to homebirth after our 4th child, she really didn't say much. They eventually had the "whatever floats your boat" attitude.

Great post and happy birthday Robyn! She is a beautiful young lady....of course all of your girls are. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter! A beautifully written display of love!

Mrs. Stam said...

Happy birthday sweet lady :-)

Cinnamon said...

Happy Birthday Robyn!! And thank you for sharing the birth story Tricia. Love hearing them.

I wonder, did big brother name her after Robin Hood? heehee


Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

I enjoyed reading Robyn's birth story. I have a good friend who has 11 kids, and many were home births. I just never had the guts :-) I admire you for it.
Happy Birthday to Robyn. She sounds like a wonderful young woman!

Kim said...

Happy Birthday Robyn! Sounds like she is a really special lady and a blessing to your family!

dggp said...

This is a great story. And I know Robyn must be a wonderful daughter.

brenda said...

Happy birthday to Robyn. She sounds lovely. And much braver than I am walking on that tree!

Jennifer said...

Beautiful girl. Happy birthday Robyn.

busymomof10 said...

I loved reading about Robyn! She is so BEAUTIFUL! I also had a couple home births, but ended up going to the hospital for my last two because I had such a habit of excessive post-partem bleeding. anyway, I LOVED reading about Robyn's birth!!!!!!! What a wonderful story!