29 October 2010

The sweetest dream I've ever had.....

Rarely do dreams move me to action but this one might! This morning when I woke up I was left with this image in my mind. The one there on the left! The wheels in my mind began churning as I tried to place a name to my dream. I dreamed I was having a "chocolate whipped cream cake." What's with that considering I'm not even a big fan of chocolate! But I googled it anyway and this is the one that came closest to what I remembered. (Minus the icing though as that would be overkill)
What would you say, do I go for it?

HERE is the recipe in case you are brave enough.


dggp said...

That looks yummy. So are you going to make some? You will definitely have to share if you do!

Ruby said...

I know what you mean about overkill. One of my friends had the cake called "Death by Chocolate" for her wedding cake. She is a chocoholic!