31 October 2010

My chocolate whipped cream 'dream' cake

I think it turned out to be more of my family's dream cake!  They loved it and want me to make it again.  Soon!!

Mary's eyes were certainly bigger than her tummy!  She thought she could handle a whole slice.  Her brother's ended up with her leftovers.


Pam said...

How sweet!

dggp said...

Hey, it looks great. I see you put the filling all over it rather than just inside. My kind of cake for sure!

Amanda said...

That looks delicious!! Love chocolate cake!

Stam House said...

That look so yummy! I will be back to read more over here! I love meeting new readers and I think I will love to get to know you better!


The Pauls' Family said...

Looks delicious! Chocolate is my favorite :)

The Mayo Family said...

YUMMY! Looks so good & so happy that there were those to help her finish! :)
When I saw your comment, I asked the girls "wonder why youv'e not posted"? Hello...how did your blog get off my list?
Thats's when I saw you were gone" So...that's fixed! Oops-sorry.
Glad all is well!