27 October 2010

101 Reasons as to why I homeschool

Reason 93

In John 21:15 the word feed is translated from the same Greek term as is the feed in the 17th verse; but in the 16th verse the word feed is translated from an entirely different Greek term. In this verse the Greek does not mean simply to feed, but to protect, to shelter, to tend. The shepherd's duty is not only to feed the lambs, but also to guard them from the wolves that are seeking to devour them.

Lambs need something more than feed; they must be sheltered from the cold wind and cruel storm. Feed them ever so well, but if you expose them to the wintry storm, they will die. The storms are raging all around us. The television, internet, video games, movies, magazines, books that are uncensored by parents, peers, choices of clothing...the list goes on and on. The wolves are indeed seeking to devour them. The adversary is hard at work and seeks to destroy. As parents we are the shepherds and our children are the lambs. We need to protect, shelter, and tend to them at all times!


Here to Serve Him... said...

Amen!!! My husband Kyle is currently teaching a Sunday School class on men anchoring their families in Christ covering exactly what you shared in this post! It's our right, our responsibility and our honor as parents to guard and protect our greatest assets. We get one chance to bring up those lives in the nurture and admonition of the Lord...something I'm not willing to throw to the wolves.


Mountain Home Quilts said...

I'm going to second Mendi's AMEN! :)

dggp said...

What a refreshing post. Amen, and amen.

Mrs. Stam said...

Amen! what a great post!