25 September 2010

Why do they want to grow up so fast?

"Mom, can I wear this dress to church?" "No, Mary, it's too big for you!"

"NOOO, can I wear it when it grows into me?"

Sure Mary, because I'd rather IT grow into you rather than you grow into IT. I like the idea of you staying little.


Pam said...

I wish we could freeze time sometimes. Or at times, I wish to go back in time. I long to bloom right here in this season; not looking back too fondly, and not looking ahead too fretfully.

Longing to bloom, and thrive in each day God gives, taking in every sweet moment like this one you've shared. I suppose the key is to keep my eyes on Jesus. I need to get busy doing that.

Thanks for your lovely reminders and your kind friendship. Have a great Lord's day.

The Mayo Family said...

Dear Tricia,
Welcome Back!
Hope all is well.

Amanda said...

Yes, that sounds like a good idea!! Just the clothing changes size, not the child lol!

I used to say to my children, when they would outgrow their clothes, and were growing so fast, "Mummy must be feeding you too much!" This always caused a proud giggle from them lol.

Ruby said...

Good to see you today. How is little Vance doing?

Trisha said...

How wonderful God is to have our children unknowingly speak those words that remind us to savor these precious times with them. Your daughter is lovely!

Ritsumei said...

That's adorable! Definitely one for the scrapbooks.

The Pauls' Family said...

That's cute :)