27 September 2010

Scenes from September

We had a wonderful couple of weeks. Daughter Juli came for a visit with her family, and while she was still here my mother came too. My mom hadn't seen Juli in almost 10 years, had never met her husband nor her 2 young children. It was so fun having them together. Here are a few pics of our time together.


Big sister Juli with baby sister Mary

So cute how Mary and her nephew Beckham interact. They played really well.

Mary playing on the swing with her niece Aubryn

Grandma enjoying some card games with Makenzie and Janai. Granddaughter Aubryn smiles big for a picture with her great grandma.

Mary getting a hug from her brother in law Kelly!

seven of our nine girls smiling for mama

Granddaughter Aubryn (center) enjoying dress up with her two aunts Mary and Janai. These three girls play so nicely together. They are so precious!
Gotta take advantage of the camera when you have 4 generations together!!
Grandpa's teaching Beckham how to make the perfect smore!! He says, "How can I be a grandpa when I have my own kids drinking sippy's, wearing pull ups and sitting in car seats?" (Does he really need me to explain) This next week he will be in AZ with our other 2 grandchildren. I have a feeling that by the time he gets home he'll have no choice but to accept the whole grandpa thing as being a fact!!


Ruby said...

Great pics, I love your family shots! Especially as you get into one of them! Again I say, you are richly blessed.
(Your hubby is in denial?) He does look a very youthful Grandpa if that is any consolation to him :-)

Amanda said...

I loved your pics also! What precious family times together... and yes, you have to make the most of the camera for occassions like these!

Blossom said...

Great pictures! We love to see your family. It's so neat (well, I guess that's the word to use lol) that your daughter Mary is Aubryn's aunt!
Thanks for sharing :)

OurLilFullFam said...

So neat, I am sure it was a lovely visit!!

I have you on my prayer list today and tommorrow for baby Vance's surgery!!


momoflots said...

What a beautiful family you have!! I hope to look so young when we're blessed with grandbabies!!! Four generations together!! - so glad you got a picture - that's something to treasure. Praying for your grandson!


Cinnamon said...

How fun to have everyone there :-) Praying for little Vance's operation~


Kathy@theshebearofeleven said...

Enjoyed seeing your family pictures. It's funny to have kids and grandkids the same age. We were amused calling our youngest, "Uncle" when he was only four.

Amy in Peru said...

I just think it is astounding how many people there are and how they are all mixed in together and all different ages and wow! I LOVE it. You guys seem to do it all so gracefully!

I'm so impressed ;) and inspired :)

amy in peru