15 June 2010

One Big, Happy, Motorcycling Family

I can hardly remember a time in my life as I was growing up when there wasn't a motorcycle around to enjoy. My husband grew up the same way and I believe we have spread that excitement to our children. Now Juli and Vance are enjoying dirt biking with their children. Here are some pics we took while in Colorado. Mom, dad, most of the children and 2 of our grand loves.
Mom and Dad
Daddy loading the bikes

Daddy is teaching Emma the "how to's"

Kaydee, Makenzie, grandson Beckham, and Emma

Aaron with granddaughter Aubryn, Juli and husband Kelly with their 2 children

"The family photographer" Juli, who just found out she is expecting baby #3. Grandma (me) with Beckham

Juli and Uncle Stephen (who is younger than her) Juli's hubby Kelly

Daddy, Janai, Mary, and Gregg

Kim, Mary, Daddy, and Kaydee

Janai with gandson Beckham, Gregg, Makenzie, Kaydee, Daddy, and Emma

Gregg, Robyn, and Aaron

Robyn, Gregg, and mom


Vance Jr. gets in a bit of riding when he can. But this trip he and Heather were quite busy with Baby Vance's birth. And we missed them so very much.

Emma took our videos and created one-4 and a half minute clip of everyone riding. Beginning with Robyn and Gregg almost wiping out. Janai does wipe out. It's hilarious though! Amazing considering we rode for hours and hours!!


-:- Tamara -:- said...

Looks like fun although I'm too chicken myself to enjoy them.

Thank you for the prayers. I'm finally starting to feel better. ~Amen

Have a wonderful week,

dggp said...

What a great time. You are braver than I am. How could you go up that huge hill? I've never even been on one before!!

dggp said...

Oh yes, a congratulations to Juli on the new baby. That's awesome.

Heather said...

Oh, this makes me miss everyone!! I really wanted to go but I guess there is always next year! So glad you guys had so much fun. AND yay for Juli!!!

Hollinger Family said...

This is SO cool. I loved dirt-biking as a teen. Now I have 5 boys of my own, and we don't own a single bike! No where to ride one around these parts...oh what my boys are missing! =)


Chris in FL--Joyful Mother said...

wow...look at you all dirt bikin'. pretty cool!

Anonymous said...

Look at you going up that big hill. Not me, I'll stay grounded!!

Chris in FL--Joyful Mother said...

I'm impressed! It was nice watching your whole family having fun. I was thinkin what would happen if I rode up one of those hills....probably somersault backwards with the motorcycle in hand... :0

Robyn Smith said...

Too funny!