21 May 2010

Kid's Blog Fridays~Child's Play

This is NOT Mary playing dress up. It's how she chooses to dress everyday. (sometimes she gets away with it but not always!) Doesn't matter either if the clothes match or the shoes fit. She's dressing like a queen she says. Don't you agree that our kitty's have a great taste in books?


Ruby said...

Love it! Some gals just have that fashion flare fromthe get go!

Blossom said...

That momma cat looks like she's thinking, "I try to hide, they find me anyway!" :) Nice photos :)

dggp said...

Awe, those kitty's are too cute. They find the strangest places to bed down! Love Mary's shoes.

Kathy@theshebearofeleven said...

Mary has her own "sense of style."

Anonymous said...

Well now I know where my daughter is buying her special "clothing" ideas from! :)The two of them would really be so funny together!
Perhaps they have others out there that follow their line as well? HUM? Cute ...that's what I say....or, have learned to see & say!
Sweet are they not! A blessing! :)
Have a wonderful week...stay cool! Wew we sure got hit f-a-s-t! from wood heat to...no a/c here! :)

busymomof10 said...

Bethany has that same sense of "style". Maybe these little ones who are the youngest of many must make their own fashion statement in order to be noticed! :)