14 April 2010

Can You "HEAR" the Food Mommy?

Not sure what foods Mary was "hearing" but her choice of food was PBandJ. With a little of the J still remaining on her face!

Apparently Mary could 'hear' the good smells of food wafting into our van today while driving with open windows. You know how it is when you pass restaurants, windows down, hungry tummy! (or tummies, whatever the case may be)
"Mommy, listen, do you hear that good food? I'm hungry and I want some food. (Breathing in deeply) See mommy, can you hear it too?"


Anonymous said...

Cute. Looks like grape jam!


Susan said...

Soooo cute ♥

Ruby said...

"Mary, Mary. You are hungry. Come in my dear!"
No doubt that's what kids hear as they pass all the yummy food stores! Subliminal marketing.

busymomof10 said...

How Cute! YOu know I love your little Mary! she is so precious! :)

This mix up of senses reminds me of my son, Matt. He wanted to make some lemonade this afternoon and yelled, "Mom, where's the salt?? I need a cup of salt!" He easily confuses things like salt and sugar! :)