19 March 2010

Our Island Story Part 10~Just Random

I found some random photos from our island home that really don't flow together in a post but each has it's own little story.

As you can see by dad's face and by our boy's face who the happier fella is!! Dad faked his sadness for the sake of the photo to act like he was so bummed out at the fact that his boy caught the bigger fish!! But later, the frown came for real when overnight, the boy's fish somehow got the better of dad's and it was dead by morning. Not sure what happened there! It either died on it's own or got beat up!

These girls sure had an imagination. Not sure how far they can row on land!

Juli running the boat and Kim peeking out from behind her!

We had a swing hung from the balcony in our living room for the littles. Here Robyn is enjoying her turn. In the photos below my "unorganized-challenged" daughter is busy organizing her books in a most peculiar way! I remember it so well. Suddenly it dawned on me that Robyn was being way too quiet so we decided to check on her and this what we found. I should take a lesson from this daughter of mine and learn some organization skills.

Daddy, Christie, and Robyn on the front porch!

I'm not sure where Christie thought she was going to go! But daddy got her attention in a hurry. The photo below was snapped just seconds after she got her love tap. The reason I remember is she hopped to the other side of the boat pretending to climb over again until we called her name with a serious tone of voice. She turned and looked at us with this precious grin as if she were trying to tease! She still does that!!

The imagination of children. At times they got to steer the boat (under supervision) but I'm sure they wish they could drive it.


Chad and Jessica's Family said...

Great photos and how nice your son got to visit. You must have been elated~!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, your house is HUGE! There are some wonderful memories, here. :D

Have a wonderful and blessed week,
Jillian ♥

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a surprise was my inbox this morning with all your encouraging and supportive comments on my blog :) I've been sitting her nursing my little one and reading and reading your blog and have gleaned so much more additional information myself. I'd love to comment on many of your posts but with a baby in arms it's hard to type. Your island home pictures are so neat and your family is so beautiful. I loved reading your heart with your older children and I am starting to have visions of the future when I will have my daughters married and enjoying the fruits of the harvest.

I am adding your blog to my reader and I look forward to reading more!

busymomof10 said...

What fun! I loved these photos and stories!

busymomof10 said...

Oh, I forgot to mention that I LOVED the story you told on my blog post about the PJs! That was HILARIOUS! I really got a kick out of that! I commented about your comment on my blog -- but wasn't sure that you would see it! :)

dggp said...

I love these stories you are writing about. I look forward to them.