10 February 2010

We Love Lauri

But dislike my camera!! My other one broke and we are hoping to get a better one soon. Anyway, if you have ever used Lauri products then you will know what I'm talking about. We've used them for years. I realized that when last night the girls were playing with them and our 14 year old was saying how he remembered learning his addition and subtraction with them!! That long ago? But it's true! I've taught my youngest children basic math using the Lauri pegs. We have a full basket of lacey shapes, pegs, strings, beads, puzzles, and more. I don't pull them out all the time but when I do they get used for hours!! Perfect for quiet church play too. (Lauri will replace lost or broken puzzle pieces for only 1.oo, at least the last time I had to replace some that was the price but that was a couple years ago)

The kids have also used the shapes intended for lacing as stencils when drawing pictures. They trace the outside of them. There are many shapes too, bunnies, trains, cars, trucks, hearts, diamonds, flowers, and so many more.

They have always loved to make "birthday cakes" using the pegs as candles. This was my birthday cake last night. Don't I wish the number of pegs used was the right amount for my age!!


Pam said...

How sweet. Old fashioned fun. I would certainly need to hide them until special days. I lose my joy when endless pieces of stuff is all around! For special days, though...yes!

Ruby said...

Lauri sounds like a friend indeed;-)
Since I had never heard of this company I thought it would be a post on (yet another) birthday girl! Still Lauri does look like a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

Lauri looks like so much fun! Why is it that I find out about the fun stuff when our children are nearly grown up? lol

Have a wonderful and blessed week,

busymomof10 said...

Our favorite item was the Shape and Color sorter. DO you have that one? I wonder if you can still buy it! That used to a be a favorite item for "blanket time" for my pre-schoolers during school hours.