10 February 2010

Walk Fit DVD's~My Review of Leslie Sansone

I love to exercise and always have. But in the last several years I've turned my attention to walking mostly. I really enjoy being outside but when winter hits I've found that as I get older I am way too much of a wimp to brave the cold!! So normally I turn to my really old Jane Fonda and Kathy Smith videos (yes, videos, that's how old they are!) for those indoor months. Well this year I found a Leslie Sansone in home walk video at the library and gave it a shot. I loved it so much that when I got to town I bought a couple to own. Here are the 2 I chose and I do them 6 days a week averaging 24 miles a week. Sometimes more, sometimes less! Dad and I normally do at least 4-7 (4 or 5 are mostly our average) miles a day depending on how we feel. They are set up in increments so it's very easy to do as many miles as you like just by clicking a mile over again. The two I have pictured here are our favorites. Leslie Sansone:Walk at Home and Walk Slim


LLJ said...

I have been missing out on my walks too because of wimping out - haha! I remember those videos! : )
Good for you on making exercise be a part of your days. I often neglect it, but always love it when I do.

myletterstoemily said...

you have such a beautiful family! what a blessing.

great idea to get some videos...i could use a couple

Cinnamon said...

Those are get up and go videos. I've done the 3 mile one before. A church in town opened up during the winter months and who ever wanted to come join in came and walked away the pounds :-)

Wow! that's a lot of miles walked in one day, good for you!!


Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

OH yes~ I love Leslie Sansone.
I have this one coming in the mail soon I hope. It was on back order.
She makes it a bit easier to exercise. I too~am getting a little more wimpy. LOL
You have a great evening!

L.H. said...

I have some of these too! I've enjoyed them, although I prefer to walk outside when the weather is nice too.

Becca said...

Girl, I'm tired just reading about it! I walked about 1 1/2 miles today and it was great when I really started going fast there at the end -- but now I can hardly move! Am I pathetic or what? I like the idea of doing this at church -- what a great way to get together with some of the ladies!

Carol VR said...

I too have been borrowing her tapes from the library. They are my favorites.

Carol VR said...

I too have been borrowing her tapes from the library. She's a favorite of mine.

Jenn said...

I miss good walking weather!

I love your playlist. I haven't heard Baby Mine in years. It is a song I've been singing to my 10 year old as his own lullaby since he was born. I've changed several words though and forgotten how it originally went. Thanks for the memory!

Amy said...

I LOVE her DVDs!! Recently just lost 25lbs using them, drinking a lot water, and eating healthier...gotta love that! You have a neat blog...came over via a link from another blog!

You have a beautiful family!