01 February 2010

WOW, I Now Have a 28 Year Old Daughter-Happy Birthday Juli

How is this possible? Just yesterday this sweet daughter was born. At least it seems like yesterday!! Today she is a whopping 28 years old with 2 precious baby's of her own. Juli is our firstborn. I so remember the day she was born. Wow, did I ever get a shock out of those first time labor pains. I was told it would hurt but landsakes!! All worth it though!! Why else would I have had 11 more.

Juli has always been amazing. I remember long ago when we were in our very first years of homeschooling. She was great. Every morning she was up early to get on her work and if my memory serves me correctly she would be finished with everything by 9 or 10. She loves reading and read almost everything she could get her hands on! Her grandpa used to say she was 'born old' because she was so very quick to learn and was always so helpful. Juli has always been very responsible, kind, loving, and patient with her brothers and sisters. Always ready with a kind word and helpful hand to all around her. Can anyone ask for more in a daughter. I don't think so!! She is a fabulous wife and mother, a faithful daughter of our Heavenly Father, and a wonderful blessing to our family.

Now she's all grown up!! Here she is with her husband Kelly. Juli is a great mom and wife. I'm sure Kel would agree with that!! I love watching her with her kids because I am amazed at what a wonderful mama she is. I've learned so much from this sweet girl and I'm sure I will continue to do so in the future. The younger kids are wondering why I call her my baby!! I tell them because she IS my baby. You all are, forever. Happy Birthday Juli. Love you very much!

Juli and Aubryn

Juli and Beckham


Ruby said...

What a blessing that baby is to you. She has all the lovely qualities needed in an oldest child. I am amazed how many of the large families I know have a girl first. Usually ones who are very capable and responsible.
Gorgeous pics of her with her family too.
Have cake and other goodies today???

mommyx12 said...

Actually Ruby, we celebrated on Sunday. Too bad she wasn't here to have some with us. I guess it's her own fault living so far away!!!

Cinnamon said...

Awww what great pictures and I agree, beautiful and a perfect dtr!

Sweet memories made~ Cinnamon