27 January 2010

Where'd All The Eggs Go??!!

My children, I've learned are egg eaters!! I hard boiled 18 eggs this morning for an egg salad recipe I found in Taste of Home. I thought with some good homemade bread it would make a perfect inexpensive dinner with zucchini bread for dessert. I put them in the fridge to cool and later when I was ready to prepare it I noticed they were all gone. Well, so much for that dinner!! We settled for frozen pizza that I had on hand for an easy Sunday dinner. At least I can say they got a good supply of protein today!! I was told Mary alone ate 5 of them!! Here is the recipe if you care to try it. Sounds really good.

This recipe has been doubled for our family. It would be easy to cut in half!!

16-18 hard boiled eggs
2 packages cream cheese-softened
1/2 C. mayo
1 teas. salt
1/2 teas. pepper
4 T. sweet pickle relish
4 T. parsley
little chopped onion and celery to taste

Mix together everything except eggs very well, then fold in chopped eggs. I suppose I'll have to try again tomorrow but I'll remember this time to try and hide them!!


Karen said...

Oh how funny that the eggs were all gone! That sounds like something that would happen around here! Thanks for sharing the recipe, I think we will have to try it.


busymomof10 said...

Thaat sounds good! I think I will give it a try. Hopefully, my son who goes to school would take egg salad sandwiches in his lunch. I never thought of making egg salad with cream cheese. Do you have any tips for peeling all those eggs quickly?

Anonymous said...

I love Taste Of Home!
That's too cute ~ needing to hide the hard boiled eggs. Like you said - they got their protein!

Heather said...

That sounds so YUMMY! I think I just might make it myself. I LOVE when you post recipes!

Susan said...

Yummmmmm...Sounds delicious =)

Juli said...

I should try the recipe. Sounds good.

Michelle Hoad said...

I have been absolutely craving egg salad lately. Don't know why. That recipe looks good, but one of my kids can't eat dairy. Maybe I could make it when he won't be eating.

L.H. said...

LOL! They got a good enough protein fix to last for a while! LOL!

Thanks for the recipe.

Cinnamon said...

That is too funny!! I hardboiled a dozen eggs yesterday. We do that as a staple snack food. The kids have such fun peeling them.

Busy Mom of 10~ The older the egg, the easier it is to peel. Store bought eggs are super easy to peel. Farm fresh eggs are not~


Anonymous said...

My daughter would leave the eggs for everybody else. :P She absolutely loathes hard boiled eggs, but she will eat eggs any other way with glee. Mind you, she also eats hard boiled eggs, but we have a rule in our home that if she has to eat fish, she doesn't have hard boiled eggs, too. She really doesn't like either of them.

Have a great week,

busymomof10 said...

I sent you an email answering your question about my bread. Please let me know if you don't get it. (Not sure I had the correct email address!)

I am hoping to make your egg salad this evening to have for lunches this next week. I wanted to buy some good quality eggs, but couldn't justify spending $2.50 more per dozen, and just bought the regular store brand. What do you think? Is it worth it to spend that much more to get organic/cage free eggs when your family goes through at least 18 per breakfast???

Kathy@theshebearofeleven said...

That's funny about the eaten eggs. At my house I've been known to leave notes on items of food intended for later meals otherwise hungry children find them, too.

Chad and Jessica's Family said...

That is so funny!!! SO much for preperation. It sounds good but my husband is a bit picky and will not even look at mayo!!! I wish!


busymomof10 said...

Concerning the price of eggs in China, er, I mean in Georgia: ;)

18 eggs (store brand) -- $2.29

12 eggs (organic store brand) -- $4.99


I can sometimes buy fresh eggs from a family near me who has free-range chickens. These are $3 a dozen, which is high for me, and the young man who sells them doesnt' always have extra to sell to me. (They have eleven in their family.)

Ritsumei said...

This is too funny.

Becca said...

Oh, Tricia -- this is cracking me up because I distinctly remember you telling me that you guys didn't eat many eggs! I was telling you about our Polish creamed eggs on toast and you thought it sounded kinda', well, boring. HAHAHAHA!!! Maybe you should try it! I bet they would like that too! Just hard boil the eggs (better hide them), then separate the whites from the yokes. Crumble the yokes and cut up the whites and put them in a white sauce. Then spoon the whites in the white sauce over the toast and sprinkle the yokes on top. OK, you better add plenty of salt and pepper too -- 'cause it can be kinda' boring without that! And if you want to make it truly Polish -- have some kielbasa on the side! Blessings, friend!