14 December 2009

My Kids in New York

Juli and Kelly treated Robyn to a trip to New York City last week and what better place than the Big Apple to hone in on your photography skills. And that is exactly what Juli did. Photography is one of her favorite things to do and she is developing quite the talent for it!! They had a great time during their visit but did admit that NY is a place where if you only go there once than that would be enough!!

Juli and Kelly


One of Beckham's many serious face shots!! They all did a lot of walking around the city in stead of doing taxi rides all the time. They were both costly and the rough taxi rides tended to make Juli and Robyn sick. But the cold air was NOT one of Beckhams favorite things and he wanted mom to keep getting taxi's. He said, "mom, I need a taxi, I need a taxi." Juli said "no Beckham, we are not getting a taxi." Okay he said, I need a bus then!!

Aubryn and Juli skating at Rockefeller Center

Kelly, Juli, Beckham, and Aubryn




Cinnamon said...

Oh your children and grand children are just sooo adorable! Love all the pictures~ Cinnamon

Ritsumei said...

Those are some great shots. Looks like she's no slouch with Photoshop either! Nice work.

busymomof10 said...

Great pics! Looks like they had a memorable trip! Personally, I have No Desire to go to NY. My parents took me there once as a child -- and as you say, that was enough! :)

busymomof10 said...

I love your blog's new look! Where did you find those beautiful vintage pictures??

Chad and Jessica's Family said...

Great photos. How fun. I have never been there but really have no desire at this point in life. FUn to see pics there though.


Jennifer Perkins said...

good pics!

Hen Jen said...

what fun! And what great photos!! Really, the photos are great.

Becca said...

Great pics!!!