12 December 2009

Blog Posts That Never Happened-Until Now!!

I had all these random pictures scattered all over my computer
desk top. They've been there anywhere from a couple days all the
way up to a full 12 months. So I can call this my "End of the Year
Wrap it all up in one Blog Post!" The pictures represent some of my
favorite photos and events of the past year that I never got around
to blogging about but wanted to!!

Daughter in law Heather with baby Gemma

Robyn and Kim enjoying some time together in Utah

Daughter Juli with grandkids Aubryn and Beckham

Robyn's smiling big during a road trip!! A rare moment considering she
frequently gets car sick!

Granddaughter Aubryn smiling brightly.

Daddy and Robyn

A great reflection of granddaughter Gemma

Christie, daddy, and Kenzie enjoying a campfire.

Robyn and Christie

Mary and Janai catching a movie together

Nothing beats dirty hands and feet!

Kaydee playing cop with big brother's cap!!

Baby Gemma enjoying a great story!

We went to a work picnic on the day I took these pictures. A guy asked
me if I homeschooled the kids. I was like, why do you ask, because I have so many children?
(We had 8 of the children with us.) He said NO, because of their long hair!!
Oh, okay, that's a new one. Never heard that one before!!

Someone mixed together the carob chips with the "normal" chocolate
chips and that did not go over well. So Aaron is sorting them to make some
cookies. NO WAY they all said, we are not eating carob cookies!

A fun family night of showing off what the kids learned. They
like to have "show and tells" once in a while.

Vance Jr. enjoying a movie with sister Mary.

Keeping Mary busy on our last road trip. She doesn't travel
well so we have to use our imagination!!

Mary encountered some static on the slide.

Twins Emma and Kaydee during our last trip to Laura Ingall's Wilder
Days in Pepin Wisconsin

Oh the poor kids. When we went to Texas to visit Juli many
of the kids got so sick. Here is Emma sitting outside watching
everyone playing without her. I think she had it the worse.
Peeking over the foot bridge on one of our many wood walks.

Careful crossing that road!!

Kenzie seeing how high she can jump on the trampoline.

Our trip to Texas to see Juli. Most everyone is here.

Grandson Beckham enjoying some playtime with his "Aunt Mary"

Our 5 youngest holding granddaughter on the trampoline in Texas.

Granddaughter Aubryn being held by her 5 Aunties

Yes, Gregg. You can eat it!!

Mary giving daddy lovings!!


Cinnamon said...

I love the update~ The picture of the girls with all their matching dresses is my favorite!


Heather said...

I abselutely LOVE the picture where Gemma is enjoying that paper!!! Her face is priceless!

Chad and Jessica's Family said...

I love all these pics. Your girls all have the prettiest eyes. You are all a cute family!!


Timmy's Girl @ Luv My Quiver Full Of Arrows said...

Beautiful family! Found your blog off of Jessica's, from Working on a full house.

I loved the 'long hair' comment. That was so funny!
I will be sure to visit again!

Anonymous said...

you & your beautiful family are an inspiration! im typing with one hand because my 3 yr old climbed into my lap to look at your fun family pictures with me. your music is awesome too!

Becca said...

I really enjoyed this post! It's fun to see those candid moments in your life. I loved the ones of the girls watching the movie on your laptop -- too funny! I don't think they even knew you were taking their picture.