16 December 2009

Could This Be Called "Unschooling?"

I told the kids that we would take off school this week until after Christmas and they hooped and hollered all weekend long. However, by the time Tuesday rolled around, (which is today) their minds were turning to jello. I knew they couldn't take it for long without hitting the books which is just what they did. They grabbed their favorite board game and the dictionaries. Oh yes, one cannot expect to win scrabble without a dictionary. Especially when a younger child is playing with a much older child. I am amazed at how quickly a word can be looked up when it comes between winning or losing a game!!


~Rhen @yestheyareallmine said...

Love it! Scrabble is an awesome game. We play, and I challenge the children to use their spelling words or a word from their vocabulary list.
Isn't the concept "learning can be FUN" such an amazing idea?! *wink*

Cinnamon said...

Love it!


Jeannetta said...

Yes! A perfect homeschool game!

Hen Jen said...

schooling at it's best!

thanks for entering my Sea World quiz contest, I'll be posting the winner later today!

Becca said...

Cool! Hey -- I'm loving the quotes from the girls over on the right! Too funny!

Nancy Carabio Belanger said...

You've motivated me to pull out the Scrabble board!