16 November 2009

New Supersize Table and School Room

What is it with big families and big things?  I suppose they just go together like a burger and fries.  My husband and sons just finished our super size table tonight and already we are enjoying it.  It takes 2 large table cloths put on sideways just to cover the top and down the sides a bit.  School time should be much better these days now that the kids have a little bit more elbow room!!!  And I don't have to roam all over the house anymore looking for wayward children since I have moved them all into our living room for school.  Our books and supplies were in there anyway and now that my table is finished I am hoping school days will go smoother. There are just a handful of people sitting at the table in these photos and there is plenty of room to spare for when everyone is seated!  The kids like to hang the Christmas lights inside the house rather than out so they can look at them all the time!!!


Cinnamon said...

I love it! I like the Christmas lights hanging up too. Soo festive!


Jeannetta said...

Love the table! I like to have some lights indoors too, it's much more festive. Enjoy that table :)

Tianna said...

That is a big table. Did they make it from scratch?

Mrs. White said...

What a wonderful idea!!

Mrs. White

busymomof10 said...

Love the big table!