15 November 2009

My Sweet Thrift Store Find

I was at Goodwill a couple weeks ago when I found this pile of Abeka Readers. At the time most of them were 4-5 dollars each. No way I thought, I'm not paying THAT price at a thrift store. So a few days ago I was there again and happened to walk by their "clearance" rack of books and you'll never believe what I found on it. The Abeka books. AND, at the big price of .49 each. I grabbed every one they had and didn't notice that for one of them I paid a whopping 1.99. Can't complain too badly can I?? I also found several readers that are used with Sonlight and I snatched them up too!! It's tempting now to go online and try to find the comprehension guides for the Abeka books since I got them for so cheap!!


L.H. said...

LOVE your new header!

Cinnamon said...

Okay I'm jealous~ :-)


Ruby said...

Great bargains always make us smile!
I love the new header too. I miss the lovely faces of your children but this one looks good.
Don't panic I just found the family down the bottom. Nice lay out as well.

Happy Hermit (Happilyhiddenhermit@gmail.com) said...

Oh , that is just too cool , I found a great stash of Monthly Bullitien Board design books the other day. 13 of of them for $2.

L.H. said...


I saw your daughter's (Julie's) blog and I thought, "Wow, that's how I want my kids Christmas photos to look." Too bad she's not in Chicago!

She's doing an awesome job!(makes me want to take up photography;)

Kathy@theshebearofeleven said...

Great find, ABeka has some wonderful books. I was thrift shopping over the weekend, it's fun, my husband and I made a date out of it.

busymomof10 said...

Gotta love those great deals!