10 November 2009

Big Boy Birthday

Careful now.  Don't blink.  Because this is what happens when you do.  You wake up one day and you have married children.  This has happened twice now.  Makes me sad but yet happy!!  Today is Vance Jr.'s birthday.  He is 26 already.  Here are a few photos I managed to round up and are some of my favorite ones of him.  Happy birthday my love.  We love you tons.

Here he is with his bride Heather.

Oops!!  I blinked again and now he has baby. 
( Gregg said I must have blinked too much because now he is bald too. But at this point it's still a choice!! ) Kind of an intimidating
 picture in full uniform holding his sweet little bundle.  And we just found out 
that next June he will be having another little bundle join his family!!  Boy howdy, 
I've got to stop blinking.

Here he is enjoying a rare moment with his newest little sister!!

They say that the eyes are the window to the soul.  You gotta believe
 that's true when you see photos like this!!


Jennifer Perkins said...

loved this post! you have SUCH a beautiful family! And what SWEET babies... oh, could you give me one? (hee hee)

love, Jen

Cinnamon said...

How sweet! Love the uniform and the sweet little girl picture~

It does pass quickly doesn't it :-)

Hey are you heading down this way anytime soon before winter sets in?


Ruby said...

Great pics of your big boy.
Yep, I think I blinked because the years do fly by if you are not on the ball.
Congrats on the expected new addition!

L.H. said...

What a sweet post. Moms keep telling me that this time goes by fast. I'm trying not to blink too much, so I can savor it:)

smithtrek said...

I can totally relate to this post. I blinked and now my boy is in college! He's turning 20 in a few weeks. How did that happen?

busymomof10 said...

Loved this post! I know what you mean about blinking -- it seems I blinked and we went from a family of mostly young children to a family of mostly older children. I haven't blinked long enough to have any weddings or grandbabies yet! ;)