06 November 2009

My (the hubby's) Leap of Faith into the Hudson

My husband was challenged by Ruby to give a "guest post" so that he could tell his side of the story relating to my "Loving my Husband Friday post."  His post is below~~~
Link to original post~~~"Loving my Husband Friday"


It is funny; in some ways to know that my wife would not leap for me into the Hudson River, or get on a plane, or a ship to be with me. But we have  a lot of fun together and I think she would miss me. I have spent 28 years with this woman. I think she talks tough and she is, but I know her loyalty to me and our family.  I have seen her true colors and they are beautiful. It is hard to sit down and write something special about my wife. Where do I begin? I live with the woman of my dreams and she treats me as I am the man of her dreams. ~~~~~ from the guy drowning in the depths of the Hudson!!


Ruby said...

Now we know what a truly great husband you are. You went right in and wrote that post. Most guys would take so long on it that it would just never happen.
Congratulations sir, you have the perfect wife for you, and it seems Tricia has the perfect husband for her. God is good like that! Just keep clear of ships, planes and the Hudson River and all is sweet.
Thanks for being such good sports!

Cinnamon said...

Oh I love it!! Someone throw that guy a life preserver!! He's a keeper :-)


mommyx12 said...

I agree Cinnamon, he is a keeper.