07 November 2009

If Only They'd Known the Plan!!

You know how those showers can get when it has millions of people using it over time!! The other day Robyn and Emma decided to tackle the walls and the ceiling of our shower putting quite a bit of time and elbow grease into it. It was beautiful when they finished. They were quite proud of all their hard work until dad happened to walk in, inform them what a wonderful job they had done, AND to tell them that he was planning on ripping the whole shower walls out next week and replacing it with a new one.  Don't you just hate that when it happens.  Emma ~~~ You might have told us that before dad!!  Only dad didn't know that they were doing it until they were finished!!


Karies place said...

Something like that always seems to happen to me. So I've made a point of asking first now so I don't have the problem too often. :)

Chris in FL said...

Oh no, not fun!! LOL

Becca said...

Send them down here -- they can clean mine and I PROMISE not to tear it out next week!!