13 October 2009

Sisters Sisters, There were never such devoted sisters

I grew up in a home of 6 children. 5 girls and 1 boy. And I have yet to figure out
the bond that holds so many sisters together. Here I have captured some
of my favorite photos of my daughters sharing wonderful moments with each other.
It is awesome to me to see the love they share with one another. I'm sure we are
familiar with the song lyrics to Sisters Sisters. Here is a portion of the lyrics to that
song that I must say describes my "little" and "big" girls.

"Those who've seen us know that not a thing could come
between us."

Oops!! We are missing one of our girls in this photo!!

Our little granddaughter fits right in with the "sisters" being tucked in between
all her aunts. She is the smily one wearing black and white. Our 3rd daughter wasn't
around when we took this photo.

Juli may be a mama now but she still has time to snuggle with
little sister!!
While catching her breath to love her little daughter who doesn't appear to be
too happy at the moment.

This was a special time for our married daughter Juli. These photos show the
very first time Juli laid eyes on her newest sister. At the time of this photo Juli had
a little daughter just over a year old. She told me not long ago, "I feel like I've been
taking care of kids my whole life!" Well, being the eldest of 12 and sister in law to
15 kids, I suppose she has been!!


Cinnamon said...

Very cute~ I love the looks your children have.


Kathy@theshebearofeleven said...

So many sisters to be friends with! I have only one sister, 15 years younger than I. I've often wished I'd had more sisters. Your girls are very blessed.

Chris in FL said...

Love that song. (sisters, sisters) I have it on my playlist, on my blog ;)

Your girls are absolutely gorgeous. You are blessed!!

Jeannetta said...

These are wonderful! I have five daughters of my own, there is surely something wonderful about sisterhood. :)

Ruby said...

Those are just absolutely gorgeous pics of all of your beautiful daughters! (And granddaughter) Is your son in law one of 15 then? Wow! Family get togethers for Juli and her own crew will be HUGE!!!
Love it! You are truly blessed.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful family you have!

Chad and Jessica's Family said...

Hi Tricia I have not been by in so long. What a cute post and you have the most beautiful girls. They will be there for eachother their whole lifes!!! How wonderful Hope you are well.Blessings

Tianna said...

Those are some really cute pics of all your girls! Thanks for posting them.

busymomof10 said...

What beautiful daughters! You must be so proud of all of them!