19 October 2009

6 Unknown Facts About Me/Georgous Blogger Award

In order to put this georgous blogger award on my blog I must come up with 6 things relatively unknown about me. I consider myself quite ordinary but maybe I can come up with something once I put my thinking cap on!! Jump on over to Mumma's Place where this came from and check out her blog.

1. I am the 5th child of 6 children born in Cincinnati, Ohio

2. I was a competitive ice skater for 6 years. Then I coached for a few years. Back in the day!!

3. When I was 18 I joined the Army National Guard in Colorado specializing in small arms repair and as a result of my experience with small arms I earned the Expert Marksman medal.

4. After we moved from CO to WI with 5 children we moved to an island off the Wolf River. For almost 3 years and 6 children we had to cross the river to get to our home by boat. During the winter we crossed a railroad trestle between freezing times of the river. Sometimes in life it is a reality to put your ear to the track to check for oncoming trains!! Tis better to know firsthand if one is approaching rather than jumping into the river with 6 children in tow.

5. Witnessing the birth of my first grandson is another relatively unknown fact about me. An extremely awesome experience.

6. A dream I've dreamed my whole life is to one day homestead, go off the grid, and live totally off the land.

Now go ahead. Take the award and reward yourself while you bless your readers with 6 things unknown about yourself!!


Cinnamon said...

How neat to get to know you better. Thanks for sharing~ Cinnamon

Ruby said...

The longer I read here, the more I realize there is nothing ordinary about you! Wow! you've had some adventures! Grat to read your little know facts.

Juli said...

Hey! What a fun post! Everything looks good to me! BTW - Kel is in the background in the second pic not the first!

Becca said...

OK -- so I knew #1-4! I would have guessed #5 -- and #6 doesn't surprise me at all. But it was fun to read!!!

Kathy@theshebearofeleven said...

Living on an island sounds interesting. Living off the grid is a dream I share with you.