14 July 2009

My Princesses Three

These 3 little girls of mine were playing princess dress up and I couldn't resist snapping some photos. They grow up so fast that I must savor these moments!!


Jeannetta said...

What beautiful damsels!
One thing I love about homeschooling is that my children at 13, almost 17 and almost 19 are still playing dress up occasionally. They aren't in a hurry to be something other than themselves. Looks like these three have much the same opinion:)

Cinnamon said...

Beautiful for sure! I love your new pictures on the side. Great pictures of the family!

Chad and Jessica's Family said...

Sugar and Spice and everything Nice..... How sweet and beautiful they are.

Ruby said...

Yes, my girls loved dress ups to quite a late age too!
When they were smaller I got a few real ball gowns from the op shop and they wore them to death. Our dress ups were the envy of all their friends!!!
Enjoy these sweet Princesses, Tricia.

Becca said...

Oh what Carolyn wouldn't give to have a sister to play dress up with! As I'm writing this, she's dressed in a ball gown with her little brothers weilding wooden swords in her defense! These are the precious hours!

Tianna said...

Cute pictures!!

L.H. said...

Tricia, they are so cute! My hubby and I were just talking about how much our girls like to play dress up. We want to buy them some costumes etc.

BTW: Your family is SO beautiful! I think that every time I visit your blog and see your header:) Can I ask, what caused you and your husband to decide to have such a large family?

Tricia said...

Well now, your comment LH has just inspired me to think. I have had others ask the same question about why we have decided to have a large family. So after yet another inquiry I think I will have to give it some thought and prayer and make a blog post about it. Hopefully sooner rather than later but finding brain time to think and ponder is hard for me to do!!!

busymomof10 said...

Beautiful princesses at that!!!

You do have a beautiful family!!! I love looking at all the pictures!

What kind of camera do you have? You take good pictures!