18 July 2009

The Last Hours

We are ever coming to last things, things we shall never meet again.
Now it is the last hour of our day, the day, which came to us new
and clean in the morning,

Which we have spent well or ill, and which, however, we have spent it,
we cannot live over again.

Childhood has it's last hour. Childhood is the great sowing-time of life.

Seed should then be sown in the tender soil, seeds that will grow
into beautiful things in the after years.

This is the parents' opportunity.

While it lasts love should be alert to pour into the young mind and heart
the germs of all true and beautiful things.

Childhood has its last hour; then the veil drops and we are done forever
with that period of life.

It never will come to us again.


Chad and Jessica's Family said...

Beautiful Tricia. Picture and words..... I pray the seeds I am sowing one day become the most fruitful trees and that they can bear fruit for all the following generations. Blessings

Juli said...

Those are fun pics!

Chris said...

What wonderful pictures. Mary looks so cute climbing that hay bale. Your girls are gorgeous. I know I've told you that before.

Chris in FL

Cinnamon said...

How precious Tricia! The kids, the scenery, the smiles all look wonderful~


TeresaL said...

Fun pictures & beautiful thoughts! Thank you for reminding us.

Ruby said...

Yes, just beautiful both pictures and words.
It makes it seem sad and whimsical though and yet those fleeting days of children are, or should be precious and golden, as those photos are. Enjoy the days and capture them.

L.H. said...

Wise words and inspiring pictures! Thank you!

Teri said...

What wonderful memories. Looks like the children had a great time just simply playing.

Becca said...

Beautiful, Tricia! Thanks for the reminder to plant good seeds in the fertile soil of our children's hearts!

Ritsumei said...


busymomof10 said...

What a Beautiful Reminder!!!!!