24 June 2009

Splashing Around in the Heat of the Day

This isn't the world's largest pool but it keeps hot little kids cool.
They could spend all day splashing around in it.
Especially as the temps have been in the upper 90's.


Kathy said...

It's finally warmed up here, too. Upper 80's and right now I'm having my first iced coffee instead of my regular hot one. The girls look like they are having alot of fun. I grew up with a pool and have alot of happy memories. We'd make homemade peach ice cream, too.

Cinnamon said...

Our pool is filling up as we speak! We can't wait~ it's sooo humid here and we're sweating most of the day with brief little visits into my bedroom (where Granton sleeps) and we cool off while I nurse him~


Jeannetta said...

Uummm it's 63 here in Oregon right now and the clouds are rolling in; I think we may have a thunderstorm tonight.
Sigh. Enjoy the pool ;)

Teri said...

Makes me want to jump in for a swim. It's almost 100 degrees here and we are using up the air condtioning more than we would like to.

Jessica said...

How cute. Fun too!!!! I love the giggles and "watch mom"