25 June 2009

Happy Birthday Christie

Christie is our 2nd. June birthday turning 19 on the 23rd. Christie is a lovely young woman who loves the Lord and doing all within her power to do what is right. She is our 5th child and has been a complete joy ever since she was first placed in my arms. She got 4 wisdom teeth pulled on Monday (day before her birthday) so she hasn't been up to celebrating much. The younger ones are getting a little impatient as they wait for her to heal so they can have cake and ice cream. Not a day has passed yet that they haven't been pestering her with "when are you getting better?"


Jeannetta said...

"When are you getting better?" From MY perspective, that's simply ADORABLE! Fom HER perspective, maybe not so much ;) Hope she's feeling better soon, and Happy Birthday!

Juli said...

I like how you did that. You'll have to show me!

Ruby said...

That's sort of like "Are we there yet?"!
Your daughter looks stunning on the outside and sounds like she is also beautiful on the inside which is, of course, the most lovely thing.

I like the way you've pick those pics on too. Is that do-able for your average technophobic?

Susan said...

Happy Birthday to Christie!
She's beautiful! Hope she's feeling better soon!

busymomof10 said...

She is Beautiful!!!