17 April 2009

Who's to Blame: Christie or Gregg!!

Here's the story.  Last night we pretty much had everyone off to bed with a few stray ones needing water and whatever else they could think of to be up.  Meanwhile the 3 older ones were trying to decide to watch a movie.  While they were "hanging" out with each other Christie is messing around with her key chain upon which she has a bottle of pepper spray.  Gregg tempted her to spray it once and Christie was afraid to so she said, "No, you do it!"  Come on, that kind of dare given to a 13 year old boy is NOT good.  So he gave it a quick, short squeeze.  HA, that short blast of pepper spray got all 10 of us hacking our heads off and rushing for water.  NOT FUNNY!  Even children in different rooms were affected.  So not only were they all coughing and trying to suppress it with water they were up all night making potty stops for all the water they had to drink.  My advice to you all, DON'T ever do anything to warrant getting sprayed with that stuff.  Just getting it second hand was a killer.


Leah said...

That is funny!!! Totally something that would happen around here. :)

MamaArcher said...

I am trying not to laugh but that is just too funny! I feel so bad for you all! Who is to blame? hmmm That is a tough one! LOL

Tianna said...

Wow! I would have never thought pepper spray could do such damage. I think I'll take your advice and avoid and reason for someone to spray it anywhere near me.