13 April 2009

Hide and Seek in the Kitchen (again)

So I have this little child who loves to hide things.  Most of the time she stashes away her little finds into an unused purse she has found lying around.  And with as many girls as I have in one home finding a spare handbag is NOT hard to do.  It's amazing what I find in her latest handbag. Here it is a Monday and we were wanting to make crepes for breakfast.  But we were completely out of flour which means we whip out the wheat grinder a make some flour.  But where in the world could my funnel be to pour the wheat into?  Of course the first thing I thought of was Mary but how was that going to fit in a handbag.  Nevertheless, I tracked her down because I KNEW she had it.  Well, here it is, and what do you know, here's Mary too.  What a surprise!!  Oh see?  After I posted this and was looking at it I noticed her purse right next to her.  Hmm, I should check to see what's she's got in there!!


Cinnamon said...

Too funny!! We have a child like that, except she doesn't always take things as much as she always knows where evertyhing is :-)


Ruby said...


~Susan~ said...

Hmmmmmmmm....I wonder what she does have in that purse of hers there :0)
Too cute!

Karies place said...

That sounds like both my 12 and 5 dds :)

Chris said...

How adorable!! One of my daughters was like this and still is sort of. If we are ever missing something, check with her first. She either has it or knows exactly where to find it. LOL. Mary is very cute. How old is she?

Fruitful Harvest said...

Hi Tricia~

Thanks for coning over to my blog and sayin' hi
My main blog is The Garden Gate...
You look familiar? Not sure from where?
Maybe Amy's blog Raising Arrows?
I think I have been to your blog before....

Well anyway nice to "meet" you!
Isn't blogland fun!


Fruitful Harvest said...

I have been here before...to your blog that is!
I remember the picture of your hubby by a wood pile doing yard work carrying a toddler in a Eurgo carrier...it was in the fall sometime I think?

"Talk" to you soon!


Shauna said...

L♥ve and Hugs to you my precious friend :)