03 April 2009

Girls, Girls, Everywhere!!

One of the many highlights of our trip out west was the trip back home. We had the wonderful opportunity to stop off in Iowa to visit some "blogger" friends. The girls hit it off great and so did the boys I hear but of course they were not going to pose for a picture with all these girls. We had a wonderful meal and great conversation with Cinnamon and her family. My sister lives a couple hours away from Cinnamon and my girls keep dropping hints that we should; as they say it---quick run down to Iowa to see Aunt Bridie and then we can stop by and see our friends!!


Rafter's-n-Henderson said...

Beautiful picture of you all. Did Cinnamon mention she was my sister in law. I wish we could have been there with you guys. That would have been some trip and Lindsey wouldn't know what to do with that many sisters in one house. I am happy you all had that chance to share some time together. Blessings throughout your weekend. Jaime

Ritsumei said...

Blog friends are so much fun. We've been twice to see my blog friend Keeley! Looks like you guys had a good time!

Shari Lyle-Soffe said...

What a wonderful picture. It looks like it was a fun gathering.

You might enjoy my interview with Homeschool mom Lisa Bently today on my blog.


Cinnamon said...

Yes we did have a good time didn't w? That many girls in one house just amounts to lots of giggling and lots of dressing up :-)

~We're so glad you came~