10 March 2009

Spring has SPRU...or at least tried to

And just when I thought spring had sprung old man winter gave us another winter blast!!

This is the perfect picture of what we have looked like in our neck of the woods since last November!! Pretty much makes our Global Warming really look like the HOAX that it is!!


Leah said...

It has been snowing here today as well. It rained yesterday and then the temperature dropped and so everything turned to ice. Now it's snowing out! :)

I would like to invite the people who believe in global warming to my house! Let's see what they say then... :) hehe

Juli said...

How beautiful! It looks like old man winter reared his ugly little head again!

Rafter's-n-Henderson said...

It is hard to believe in global warning when I live in the desert and my daughter had a snow day home from school this year. Just thought you would all have a laugh about that. You can see the pics in my archive. Spring is making it's way here in the desert. Weeds Pollen and Wind. Fun. Have a great week and enjoy the last of the snow. Jaime