31 March 2009

Four Generations

We were able to snap a four generation photo while in Colorado. We were so close to it being a 5 generation shot but great, great, grandma brown wasn't there. She lives in another state. Our son Vance wasn't able to make it either. Maybe next time. But we were able to get a 5 gen. shot a while ago. On the far right is great grandma and grandpa, far left are the newest grandparents (us!), on the far, far left is our daughter in law Heather with newest baby Gemma, Juli, Kelly, Aubryn, and Beckham have taken the center.
Great Grandma and Grandpa with daughter in law Heather and baby Gemma.
Great Grandma enjoying a couple moments with Gemma.

Christie and niece Gemma


Heather said...

So much fun!! Wish vance was there!

Leah said...

How precious!

Juli said...

I love those pics of Christie!

Tonya said...

Fun! We had 5 gens too until our dear Granny died a couple years ago. What a blessing!

Anonymous said...

oh that baby is precious! look how she looks at the camera!!! how blessed you are.