14 October 2017

A trip to Ohio

A couple months ago I took one of our girls and made a trip to Ohio.  I was born there and my mom and cousins live there.  Spent about a week and had a great time with cousins and sisters! 

One of my most enjoyable moments was visiting the home that my father built shortly before I was born.  Even though we moved shortly after my first birthday it nevertheless was a treat to see his handiwork.  

My daughter Mary had a blast swimming in our cousin's pool!

Me with cousins and sisters!

As a kid I used to swim in this pond with extended family.  And in the winter we skated on it.  My uncle pictured below still lives here and it was so great to relive memories.

We scooted over to historic Ripley, Ohio and Maysville, Kentucky.  There were several murals in a line portraying the city in the 'old day'.  


Famous Ohio River

A real old fashioned ice cream shoppe.  Even though I'm from WI I have to say that their ice cream came pretty close to
being as great as my homemade with real WI cream!
Mary and I down by the Ohio River

Swimming becomes a real blast when mom's iPhone can be taken beneath the surface!

Of course no visit to Ohio is complete without a visit to the famous Jungle Jim's giant grocery store!

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