04 December 2015

Homemade Superfood

This taste awesome and it is so easy to make.  Easier if you have a Vitamix so not real sure how it will mix in any other type of mixer but it doesn't hurt to try!  We seem to be on the run ALL the time and I really hate stopping for a snack in order to tie us over until we get home so this is GREAT for on the go.  Just grab some spoons and go.  A good size spoonful usually does the trick until we can make it home for REAL food!

I take each of the following in these amounts:
1 Cup peanuts
1 Cup cashews
1 Cup sunflower seeds
About 1/8 cup chia seeds.  
A couple TB of whole flax seeds
1 large spoonful each of coconut oil and honey
First put nuts in jar then add the other ingredients on top and blend on high using a tapper to keep tapping it down towards the blades.  It usually takes about a minute.  

Place in a jar and enjoy!  NOTE: You can add whatever you want if these ingredients don't work for you!  Whatever seeds, fats, or sweetener you prefer!  Anything goes!  I use it in the same way any nut butter is used.  Smoothies, sandwiches, cookies, etc.