27 February 2014

When a book captures their attention

I love seeing my kids get into a book.  Here, Mary can't put down her American Girl book Addy's Surprise.  We love the American Girls series and thankfully they all have survived the many hands they have been in in our family.  But barely! Some look like they've been through a war but I am determined to see that they make it as far as possible and live long enough to be passed on to granddaughters.  My girls have unanimously chosen Addy as their all around favorite set of the first 7 sets published.  The Kaya series was the last one we bought because the sets that came after her simply didn't appeal to us.   History just seems to comes alive when taught through living books!  We'll read a few chapters, look some facts up online, maybe print of some coloring pages or worksheets on the era being  read about, bake and prepare meals, do crafts, and even dress up according to the era!  All and all, our whole family gets to benefit and be included in the learning and has a great time as well.

Along with the boxed sets of the American Girls books we have the cookbooks, craft books, and the world books to supplement them.   It is so very easy to create a unit study with these books!  We just pick and choose whatever suits our fancy and enjoy every minute of it.  And the best part of it all is they aren't even clued into the idea they are "doing school" because of how much fun it can be!  

The cookbooks and world books are FULL of fun facts, tip, and tidbits from a certain time frame and are enjoyed as much as the literature books.  And get as much use!

Janai is seen here reading Welcome to Kit's World.  She said her favorite "world book" was Kit because she loves reading and studying about the Great Depression!  If you get a chance to read any of these I recommend doing so and I hope you enjoy them as much as we have/do!