26 November 2013

One Mother's Homeschool Days

For October 2013

Our Academic Journey
Because as we all know learning never really ENDS but there does come an end to certain terms of study.  In our case everyone is now finished with their Sonlight.  Having begun in January and ending the year a week, two weeks, or three weeks ago depending on the kid!  From now until sometime early next year our schedule will look slightly different than it did over the last year. I began Living Books Curriculum with my two youngest and Makenzie decided she wanted to move on to her next year of Sonlight rather than waiting until January! (I secretly think she is hoping to avoid doing Latin! Not so!)

Continuing our Math (everyday)
Latin and French (everyday instead of only once or twice a week)
Copy Work (everyday)
Literature (everyday)
History, Geography, Nature/Science/Poetry/Art/Music once or twice each week
A couple learning journal photos: Parts of a flower and Johanne Sabastian Bach

It's amazing to me that once the reading 'clicks' how quickly a child can breeze through a book.  Mary is doing very well with her reading and is nearly finished with her McGuffey third reader! Her favorite readers are the Pathway readers!  

When one twin does math the other does math! Definitely two peas in a pod!

Tips or Advice-There is just something special about reading aloud to your kids.  If I could offer one word of advice I would say, especially at this time of year and all the wonderful choices of Christmas stories that you choose one and snuggle down with your loved ones and enjoy some special time together.  I'm sure including some cups of hot cocoa will bring it all full circle!

Goals and or Ideas-My goal is to have ALL my Christmas shopping done by Black Friday.  No, I do NOT go shopping on that day and I don't think I have ever gone on that day so how do I finish so soon?  Online shopping!  It is the BEST.  I've done it for many years and I love it.  The best part of all is that I rarely have to endure any shopping except for groceries.  And much of the time daddy does it for me after work while he is still in town.  I simply love winter time and the slow flow of life!

I really enjoyed a 3 day weekend away with our daughter Kim.  She had to work in an out of town store a couple weeks ago. Her company paid for the hotel and travel expenses.  The hotel was great! Kim had to work all three days which pretty much left me to myself but HELLLLLLOOOO, wasn't that the idea in the first place?  I missed my family here at home I have to admit but spending alone time with Kim and also by myself was great!  I shopped, read, worked out, watched a couple movies, and played beauty shop for a couple of hours messing with my hair and face.  Which by the way, is something I NEVER hardly ever do.  Probably because there is no time, hence, my time in front of the hotel mirror.

Gypsy dress up!

Activities-Nothing in particular but in our house activities of some sort are buzzing around me all the time.  Kids are never without ideas when it comes to thinking up of things to do with their time.  Our days include the following in no particular order and no particular person: baking a treat, chores, wii,  drawing/painting a picture, singing, playing the piano, practicing yoga, zumba, games, hanging upside down on the pull bar, weight lifting, scrap booking, sewing, crafting, dress up, hair styling, girls doing each others hair and with 6 girls in the house there is ALWAYS some kind of primping going on. And this is just a few of the indoor activities!  And the list goes on.......

What mother is reading: I've had my NOOK for a couple of weeks and really enjoying it.  I am in the process of reading Mama's Bible (about a family going west on the Oregon Trail.) right now and look forward to choosing one of the many titles I've got on it.  I downloaded the amazon reading app on it which is where most of my books are from.  I am amazed at how many .99 books one can find there! But as a family read aloud we have begun Treasures in the Snow!  Awesome winter time/Christmas book!

What mother is wondering/thinking about: The question is what isn't mother thinking about?  It is that time of year.  With Thanksgiving and Christmas on the horizon we also have 8 birthdays coming up from December 8th to January 6th.  To put it one way..... I feel so very blessed!

Favorite "Life with Kids Moment" and/or favorite "Kids Talk Moment"

A favorite kids moment was when Kim was upstairs getting ready for work and Mary slammed the stair door shut.  But why would that be funny?  Well, because the door had no handle on either side meaning Kim was stuck upstairs!  I called Kim on her phone to give her a heads up so she can plan an escape route in order to not be late for work.  Next thing we hear her running through the hallway and down the stairs yelling "NO, NO, NO I have to leave for work in 5 minutes.  What am I going to do?" The scene unfolded with kids on one side of the door trying unsuccessfully to help her escape and Kim on the other side freaking out about being late to work.  I really think it was a "Had to be there" thing to really appreciate the humor in it.  Gregg saved the day by eventually prying it open with a knife and telling his sisters in his most bossy, manly voice to STOP CLOSING THE STAIR DOOR!

A favorite life with kids talk: Some of the kids were talking about atoms and eventually the conversation gravitated to HOW you should say the word 'atom.'  Is it pronounced ADAM, or would you say ATOM emphasizing the T? The conversation went on and on until one of them decided it was time to move on and said, "Besides, who sits around all day talking about atoms anyway?"  Emma's reply: HOMESCHOOLERS!

Praying for Gregg and the healing of his eye after surgery.  He has keratoconus in both eyes and we were so blessed that the surgery on his right eye went well.  After a couple of months of healing we will have his other eye done.  So far the doctor is well pleased with his healing and we pray it will continue to do so!

What's cooking: Bread, rice, beans mostly.  And lots of blueberry muffins!  I found an awesome bread machine at a thrift store for only 10.00.  What a deal.  I would rather NOT use a machine for my bread but sometimes life just says I need to!  The crock pot is getting used much more with the onset of cooler weather and waffles for dinner made from my homemade whole grain waffle mix!

The simple life works great for me.  Once the weather cools off my (our) favorite thing to do is stay home and enjoy reading the warmth of a cozy fire and lots of together time.  To me the simple life means: basic and nutritious dinners, tea parties with hot cocoa, reading out loud to family, playing games, and limiting computer/movie time!  Thank goodness for passwords!

Living with gratitude: This may seem a silly thing but I'm loving my Nook tablet HD.  True, it's not an iPad, nor is it the biggest of the nook tablets but I am loving my little, itty, bitty Nook that has my favorite app.  The Kindle app where most of my books are through!  But at the end of the day my gratitude will always be for my children, husband, home, and faith.  They surpass ANY and ALL of the toys available in the world.

Fun photos to share-My girls have decided they love shooting the bow!  I would love the opportunity to have them take some lessons.  I'll have to look into that!

More than enough pumpkins!