15 October 2013

If I were a Sunbeam

"If I were a Sunbeam,
I know what I'd do;
I would seek white lilies,
Roaming woodlands through.
I would steal among them,
Softest light I'd shed,
Until every lily 
October memory work for Mary!
Raised its drooping head.

"If I were a Sunbeam,
I know where I'd go;
Into lowly hovels,
Dark with want and woe;
Till sad hearts looked upward,
I would shine and shine;
Then they'd think of heaven,
Their sweet home and mine."

Are you not a Sunbeam,
Child, whose life is glad
With an inner brightness
Sunshine never had?
Oh, as God has blessed you, 
Scatter light divine!
For there is no sunbeam
But must die or shine.


Anonymous said...

Tricia, Is that Janai or Mary?

Aunt Bridie?

Cinnamon said...

That is precious. What wonderful memory work :-)