03 September 2013

August happenings, Ohio, and Six Flags

I had an opportunity this month to trek to Ohio to see my mom and sister.  I took our truck and two of our girls with me.  Not all of the kids wanted to go since we will be taking another trip soon.  I idea of driving so much didn't appeal to them at all.  At the end our stay we got to meet up with daughter Christie, her husband and his family as they were in the middle of taking a 21 state trip!  It was fun to see her for a couple days which is very nice considering she and Jeff live in another state!  Here are a few pics from our trip and some from home as we wrap up the month of August!

Driving all day can sure where a guy out.

Mary was ready for bed after arriving at Grandma's house.  She promptly prepared it herself and was ready for sleep!

Right before heading out in the country to grandma's the girls were treated to Dairy Queen.  Funny how that hardly ever happens when there are 10 or 12 of us or more! But 2 kids - totally doable!

My little princesses!

swimming in Columbus, Ohio

Saying bye is NEVER any fun!  

And now on our way home!

Taking a lunch and driving break the girls were playing and Mary ran into a problem.  Or should I say the problem ran into her.  She was very sad!  She got stung by a wasp on her lip and on her tummy! Way too much for any kid!  Hugs are a must!

Our problems didn't end with wasps stings.  My totally trusted truck decided to act up somewhere in Indiana!  Actually it began in Ohio but I thought I could make it home for daddy to fix it.  Christie's father in law discovered that she was leaking diesel.  GREAT!  It was very small at first but by the time I got to Indiana I realized it HAD to be dealt with.  Fortunately it only needed a fuel filter and it wasn't more serious but it did put me behind in driving.

However it was nearly worth the pit stop since we got to visit this quaint little town of Dublin.  And I thought my town of only 650 people was small.  Not so!  Dublin is smaller.  And very cute!  We spent our time waiting on the truck in their public library.  The index card in the front of the book totally through off my girls!  The library was actually in a house.  Isn't is just so quaint and homey!

Home again and some scenes from our month of August.

These guys have already done P90X.  Apparently that wasn't enough for them as they are now doing INSANITY!  And I will tell you - It is INSANE!  Just the warm up alone is a workout!
Emma was caught doing something other than cleaning her room!  I thought I didn't hear anything coming from her room!!!!!  But I must admit!  Getting caught reading isn't such a bad thing!

Our only August birthday.  Janai had two celebrations. One in Ohio and one at home. How cool is that!

A fun mommy's day out with my girls! Hobby Lobby, THE bakery, Barnes and Noble......FUN!  And of course a trip to the grocery store.  My most un-favorite necessary nuisance ever!!

And obviously proud of it!

I agree!
Enjoying the last days of summer

August brought us the best blessing of all.  A new baby.  Brynlee Eliza was born to Vance and Heather on the 22nd!  Such a beautiful growing family!


Five of the older kids had a great day in Chicago!


Diane said...

Looks like you guys have been busy and having so much fun. It must be so wonderful for your children to have so many siblings to do things with. My poor daughter is 9 years behind her older brother with no other siblings. She always wanted a bunch of other siblings it just wasn't in the cards.

Teena said...

wow. love all the pics!!! :)

thanks for all the pics...

love your road trip!


dggp said...

Great post. Thanks for sharing your adventures.