05 April 2013

One Mother's Homeschool Days

 For the month of March 2013

Our Academic Journey-We are in week 13 of Sonlight.  The house hasn't been so quiet and focused in a long time.  Mary is coming along nicely with all the attention she is getting from mama.  I am finding her favorite subject is picture study.  She loves looking at all the art print books we have.  She will sit for the longest time and just study them.  Then she will come to me almost as if playing a game to tell me every single detail about the pictures.  Then I'll get a story to go with!  She began latin about a month ago and this must be her 2nd favorite.  She loves being 'tested' orally on what she is learning.  Most everyone else in the house is on auto pilot and quite able to follow their daily schedules on their own with a few exceptions here and there!  But all and all, we are enjoying our Sonlight journey together since we are all studying much of the same things each day but only on different levels.

Tips or advice-   Great blessings will come when we embrace our lives as they are.  We are all unique in our callings as mothers and women and trying to be like "that other lady" won't work nor last long. Seek for the path the Lord has set for YOU and happiness will spill forth in your heart when you do. Because He makes no mistakes.  Trust in your prayers and in your hearts.

Goals and Aspirations-My husbands goals are getting these bikes ready for riding.  After sitting all winter they are in need of attention.  As for my goals I am planning at least one field trip a week with our family! I am hoping the book I checked out from the library on Wisconsin Family Weekends will be just the tool I'll need!  As for aspirations, I am always looking to better myself physically and spiritually.  It takes constant focus and attention these days with so many distractions that can come into our lives.  "Staying focused" has become my motto.

Activities-We are just beginning to see the first touches of spring so not a lot of projects yet for mom but dad and the boys have been busy with de-winterizing their toys and readying them up for some fun times!

I really enjoyed-My special birthday dinner out with daddy at Texas Road House.  Love that place!

Projects/goals/ideas-The project under construction right now belongs to my little girls.  Mom and dad gave them full rein in our room.  We armed them with paints and brushes and let em loose only with their imaginations to lead them.  Here is the result of their art work!  One wall is still waiting for it's turn to be completed.
What mother is reading-Actually I am more like referencing them.  Wisconsin Family Weekends and The Nature Connection:An Outdoor Workbook

What mother is cooking-Swedish Rice Porridge.  A family favorite. You can check my recipe section if you'd like the recipe.

What mother is thinking/wondering about-I am thinking about my garden.  What will I plant and when will I begin.  I bought some heirloom seeds from emergency essentials this year.  They have a wonderful basic package and the cost is reasonable.  

A favorite quote-Women's Liberation is just a lot of foolishness.  It's the men who are discriminated against.  They can't bear children.  And no one's likely to do anything about that.~Golda Meir

Living with gratitude-I am so thankful that I am able to catch moments like these.  They are reminders of just how precious and full of joy my life is.  Being home with my kids and not having to work is a great gift!

Praying for-My husband.  He has another visit to the doctor on Wednesday the 2nd to see if it is doing some good healing.  He has been out of work for 2 months and they might possibly OK him to return.  Or not!  Just praying everything will be well.

Highlights of my month-A small highlight in it's own way but exciting for me.  I got a vitamix for my birthday and it has been the best thing ever.  I love it.  Making these yummy green smoothies and more has been great.  I'm not a big 'greens' person so this has been perfect for me to get some in my tummy!  And if it's mixed right, the kids will even have some.  The kids love it when I fill it with all kinds of different fruits and through in some Greek Yogurt.  Protein and so many live vitamins!

There are just some books that cannot be read enough.  In our home it is the four shown above.  As far as Heckedy Peg is concerned it is nearly worn out from so many readings over the years.  I suspect the chewed corners are most likely from a teething baby sitting on my lap during reading time.  We have been reading this book for over 10 years at least.  My kids love it.  And the other 3, my kids know them so well they can tell it by heart.

The abacus is our most used math manipulative.  It too is standing the test of time with many hands using it!

My camera is constantly missing.  I usually find it right here.  In the hands of girls who LOVE taking random videos around the house.  Nothing like those family videos, even if they are only 10 minutes old!

March's "life with kids" favorite memories

Winter is slowing fading and spring is trying to bounce through.  This year in Wisconsin we have seen a long winter.  Everyone is getting so excited to see it end!

Patiently waiting for spring!

Mary wears this hat to bed and wakes up with it on.  

Falling asleep during a Friday late night show!  Some folks just aren't up to it yet!


The Mayo Family said...

Oh fun to see what you all are up to! So your hubby is home as well....why are we not get'n together? Mine is home and not bending well enough so this week the Dr decides "if they should do it"! (ouch) it's a day surgery...
so you are awaiting spring like we are! Do you see what I see outside...(it's white here) awe!
And Happy be-lated Birthday! What day is yours I as well am a March gal! Smile...
Looks like life is going well on your side of Wisconsin! :)

Cinnamon said...

I loved the chatty update. So fun to see what you are all up to.

Mary looks cute in her hat :-)

Funny quote about men being discriminated against. Made me laugh :-)

Our guys are getting their bikes all ready to ride. Well actually they went riding tonight. They are going on a week long trip, just the boys. So excited for them!

Happy Birthday! Your hair looks so cute in your birthday picture. And a Vita-Mix!! Wow! They are awesome! I've made soup in mine and whipping cream and powdered sugar but mostly I make smoothies. Just a handful or two of spinach with a bit of liquid and then you add the fruit and no one even knows there is spinach in it. Yum!

Great catching up with you~


Anonymous said...

It is such a blessing reading about your family life! What are the four books pictured? I only see two titles and I have small grandsons that I am always on the lookout for some good books for them to read or me to read to them. Thanks!

Tricia said...

The books are Heckedy Peg, If You Give a Moose a Muffin, If You Give a Pig a Pancake and If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. But if you have grandsons I'm betting they would love the Billy and Blaze series. My boys did for sure.