16 October 2012

Sometimes three makes PERFECT company

Time once again to enjoy this delicious squash.  Acorn squash is very good tasting and very good for you.  Here are just a few reasons to add some of these to your diet.
1. It only has 115 calories per cup
2. 9 grams of dietary fiber
3. 2 grams of protein 
4. Vitamin A for vision, Vitamin E and B6 plus minerals, potassium and magnesium and 30% of your daily Vitamin C.  Who knew. And I just thought it tasted good and was cheap!

I love using it in many ways. I put it into soup, smash it for quick breads, and even throw in a cupful into my smoothies. Some folks around here like it with salt, pepper, and butter. Some with butter and brown sugar or maple syrup or honey. But whichever way you choose it is worth baking some up and adding it to your meals. I normally cut them in half, wrap foil around the exposed part and bake it at 400 for an hour or so. Pretty much like a baked potato. Very simple and fast! Tell me, do you have a favorite squash recipe you'd like to share?


Emily Fay said...

We love baked squash here too! Hope you are doing well today ~ Have a lovely week~

Jennifer said...

This is my favorite of all the squashes. I eat it both ways. Sweetened and not so sweet. Good either way.


Anonymous said...

We just had this squash about two weeks ago for our very 1st time! It was delicious :)

We are trying to find new things in our produce section with each visit.

Cathy said...

This is a favorite of mine too. Thanks for the nutritional breakdown. I knew it is good for us, but I didn't realize how good! Yum.