12 October 2012

Meet Little Miss Sasha

Isn't she just adorable? I think so! And there are many others who think so too.  Namely, her future mama, daddy, sister, and 2 brothers! Her name is Sasha and she is about to leave her home in the Ukraine and join her new and forever family in Florida. But as most everyone knows it is not easy to pull of an international adoption. Hence THIS link that I am sharing with you. If you feel so compelled to hop on over and check out the online auction that has been set up to bring her home and give her a fresh start with a loving family!

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Becca said...

Ahhh . . . love this face! Thanks for sharing about my little love. The auction is over -- but people can still give using the Chip In. The other family is adopting a little girl from Russia, and they need A LOT of money to bring her home! THANKS again! YOU inspire me -- and encourage me -- and totally make my day when I get your e-mails! Love ya!