27 September 2012

Some wedding smiles

There is always an opportunity to catch some very fun moments while life is happening. Here are some that someone in the family managed to get and send to me. You mom's out there know how sweet it is to NOT spend too much time behind the camera.  Thankful that someone did though!

Christie and little sister Mary

Daughter Kim took the above photo and joked about the groom - possibility of marrying the wrong sister!

Jeff and Christie with Jeff's newest little sisters.

Four siblings enjoying the moments

My nine daughters. I love them more than words can say!

Vance Jr. with his niece Ambreigh

Lots of smiles and kisses

Kimmy trading shoes with sister Janai.  Yes, it worked well.  Nearly the same size feet.

The bride with her 3 best brothers.

 A runaway bride with accomplices 

Christie and 6 sisters getting together for smiles

Son in law Luke and one of his newer little sisters! As of last April.

Oh Janai! Little Miss Ambreigh will be better soon!  Hang in there!

There's one thing for sure.  I do have my favorite photos from this wonderful event and here they are.  After all, even a bride gets hungry.  It's hard work getting married!





dggp said...

They are so great. Thanks for sharing these.

Cathy said...

So happy for you all. Love the pictures. Reminds me of my seven daughters and four sons, at various of their weddings.