17 August 2012

The Homeschool Mother's Journal

In my life this week....August 12-19, 2012

In our homeschool this week....Or should I say the last several weeks! We took a large part of the summer off and it was a good thing. My kids found a renewed
interest in our local library and finding many treasures
they didn't know existed since we tend to keep busy with scheduled work most of the time. I've really
enjoy seeing them reading their favorite books and sharing what they learn with me. Normally I know what they are learning since I am in the middle of the 'fun' but how exciting to see them learn without any coaxing. Makes me think of the book I am reading right now - Unschooling: A Lifestyle of Learning. Children WILL learn on their own! (To some degree!) I am still keeping a daily 20 minute schedule with Mary as we continue reading from What Your Kindergartner Needs to Know and finishing up her phonics book. I really want her to be up and going in her reading before fall sets in!

Other happenings in my life have been celebrating birthdays. Five to be exact! Christie, Makenzie, Janai, Aaron, and Gregg have all turned a year older between June 13th and August 6th. It seems we just had their birthdays!!

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice....As each new school year begins, or as we flow from one day to the next, however you may perceive your homeschooling life always remember your prayers for each child to gain wisdom, insight, and solutions to what the Lord would want your child to be learning. Only He knows which road your child should be on and prayer is definitely a great way to begin any journey with our children.

I am inspired by....My sister Alayne as she unselfishly gives of her time, love, and energy to my mom in her needs. And never a complaint from her. Living in a different state than my mom sure presents a hardship in helping to see to her needs. Thanks Alayne for being so great.

Places we're going and people we're seeing....Just got back from a quick visit to see my sister and my mom. I only get to see my mom about once a year so it was really nice to spend time with her.

My favorite thing this week was....This picture of my very beginning reader Mary. She was lying on the bed "reading" this book in her own words. It was a great sight to see and to listen to her as she would turn through the pages until the end was done and then bring me the book and say, "That was a great book mom. I'm going to start another one."

What's working/not working for us....Today, as in today, this week and month - my daily schedule of lessons is NOT working for us. Hence, my quest to ensure a great new school year filled with more excitement, less busy work, (but enough), more hands on and definitely lots more reading aloud. Oh help, where is that balance? :)

Questions/thoughts I have....Considering what I just wrote above I have thoughts of adding more intense filled prayers to my life to seek for the balance in our family that the Lord would have us have. B A L A N C E Oh to find it and keep it! A life long journey I have decided!

Things I'm working on....All the things that go along with prepping for a big day! Christie's wedding day will be here before we know it!

I'm reading....Unschooling: A Lifestyle of Learning I tend to be quite structured when it comes to my children's school lessons and this book has proved well to help me relax and find more joy in our homeschooling journey.

I'm cooking/baking....Preparing foods for our upcoming wedding and freezing until the big day. Chicken salad, cookies, quick breads!!

I'm grateful for....Another wedding. As hard as it is to have our children leave the home I have to say that at the same time I am thrilled for Christie and for Robyn who have taken and will take a righteous young man to be their husbands.

I'm praying for....I am thinking about all the families preparing for an upcoming year of excitement and busyness as our children embark into yet another year of learning and fun. Whether homeschooling or not, I pray that your year will be a delight filled year of learning and growing.

Photo's to share....Gregg & Mary swimming and sister's sharing time together!


Teena said...

Thanks for sharing... we are gearing up to start on Monday. We have relaxed lots. After 21 yrs... we are LESS structured and more fun. I try not to sweat the small stuff...

We using Heart of Dakota with mine. I love the reading involved in it, read alouds and such rich stuff. Lysa (9th) will be doing the HOD Missions to Modern Marvels. She will love this. Lots and lots of books to read. We are also using Teaching Textbooks for her. Saxon for the boys.

As you can tell I am excited. Great summer.... but school starts Monday!


Desiree said...

What a beautiful family you have. I love your thoughts about balance, and how it seems to be a lifelong journey. Thanks for that. Wow, 23 years is amazing. I hope I can keep going that long. Nice to meet you.

Stefanie said...

That's a lot of birthdays. Happy birthday to your gang!

Tracey said...

I enjoyed reading about your family and about your homeschooling process. It's always an encourgament to me to see how others are doing in their schooling.

Anonymous said...

Loved catching up! That's a lot of birthdays :) ...hehe! A lot of special celebrations.

Anonymous said...
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Cinnamon said...

What wisdom, Balance!! Every year I seek that.

Unschooling. LOVE IT!! Children really do learn on their own. Every single person is interested in something and will seek to learn more about it.

Adding in more hands on....oh yes, my kids do wonderful with learning this way.

We are doing two hands on studies with Mystery of History and studying Apologia Astronomy. Should be an interesting year.

How fun preparing for the wedding. Sooo excited for you.


Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

So nice to hear about all that's going on in your family, but sorry your mom is struggling. Your sister must be a wonderful person!

I've become more and more of an unschooler over the years, although we "do school" on a daily basis, it is much more relaxed than years ago when I first started. Teaching Textbooks has been my splurge when it comes to homeschooling supplies, and it's made such a difference for this mom that doesn't like teaching math :)